Tipper´s gore - musical holocaust

It was the kind of moral crusade that our media far too often lays at feet of the social and religious right. In a retrospective just this past week, Newsweek took an opportunity to look back on the PMRC and featured almost exclusively Susan Baker, the wife of former Reagan Treasury Secretary and Republican lion James Baker, who was also a member of Gore’s committee. But for you young’ uns who don’t remember, make no mistake: the PRMC and the moral nannying that came with it was Tipper Gore’s baby and Prince’s mega-popularity was target Number One. Sure, “Darling Nikki” is a filth-ridden sex anthem–a very, very good one, for that matter. It’s well orchestrated with an unmistakable hook, a dripping guitar and keyboard riff and Prince’s signature vocal style that always managed to sound like he was singing somewhere between the border of pleasure and pain.

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Tipper´s Gore - Musical Holocaust