Deep modulation - deep modulation 3

Want to run Mobius before your distortion box for one song and after the distortion for another? Easy! No rewiring necessary.

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100% sine wave modulation of a 100-watt carrier requires a modulator sine wave power of 50 watts. This audio heating or average power directly adds to the PA's RF power, making the total heating (or average) power 100+50 = 150 watts.

Practically all batteries used in PV and all but the smallest backup systems are Lead-Acid type batteries. Even after over a century of use, they still offer the best price to power ratio. A few systems use NiCad, but we do not recommend them except in cases where extremely cold temperatures (-50 F or less) are common. They are expensive to buy and very expensive to dispose of due to the hazardous nature of Cadmium.

David Gilmour has always kept his amps clean and placed the modulation effects undistorted between the gain effects and the amps. This allows the phasers, chorus and flangers to sound natural and clean. Eddie Van Halen would place his Phase 90 and MXR Flanger in front of a cranked Marshall stack. This created a distorted modulation and some very unique and easily recognizable tones. Jimi Hendrix would do a little of both. He often altered between having the UniVibe before and after the fuzz but always in front of a distorted amp.

Deep Modulation - Deep Modulation 3Deep Modulation - Deep Modulation 3Deep Modulation - Deep Modulation 3Deep Modulation - Deep Modulation 3